We now have a patreon page.


I decided to create a patreon page if you would like to support us on our journey on making better map apps for everyone


Screenshot 2019-07-08 02.25.51.png

Don’t worry. You all will still get the same support via email on our website/in-app. Paid subscriber still get same priority support as always. All bugs will still be fixed. I will work on most new features you suggest via email. But on Patreon, I hope we can make it a bit more personal.

Although I can make sure that all of our apps will forever be available for free for everyone. However, there are many things I want to do with our app and design, and I admit we don’t have enough resources to move forward. Mapnitude is currently run by one person (Apikrit). And I still have same 24-hours per day as everyone else. Bug fixing, adding feaures, reply to all of your email. All by me.

I wish I can hire more person to help with app, especially for Android version. And we really want that to happen, fast.

And don’t worry if you can’t support us on Patreon, and even if you don’t subscribe. Please share a word on our apps to your co-worker or friends, write a review. That will help us a lot as well!

Note that if you pledge in Patreon, you won’t get ads free feature. You still need to be a subscriber within that app.

Oops - Another post for Coordinates 5.0

We counter some bug before we decide to release version 5.0

And while we are working on that bug we added more feature to this version

Permanent grid draw

Screenshot 2019-07-07 15.33.51.png

Any coordinates formats with grid drawing will support this feature (WIth an exception for what3words)

Let’s end the grid boundary guessing game!

Also we added “(dd.dd,dd.dd)” format support in auto search feature. Will be much more convenience if you wish to copy coordinates from google map app

Bi-annual report first half 2019


June is almost ended. Here is a post to conclude first half of 2019.

New features

We added countless of feature in 2019. With more than 100 app updates

In-App subscription

We delighted to inform you that all of our main apps now have in-app subscription option to remove ads. (With an exception of Thai app)

App Discontinuation

We discontinued total of 21 app since the beginning of 2019.

We will also discontinue 3 mores apps within mid-July.

This is to slim down number of apps so we can stay focus and make our best app truly our best.

For second half of 2019, we focus our work on…

Android version

We admit that our android apps at current state are no way as good as iOS versions.

We will relive all those apps and will make it as good as iOS version in near future.

Please stay tuned.

Other bug fixes

We tested our apps on iOS 13 and they seems to work fine. We will only issue update only when we receive suggestion via email.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy the rest of 2019!

iOS 13

Hello Everyone,

So iOS Public Beta is already out. We tested most of our apps and we can confirm that all of them work normally.

Please tell us if you are having issue with apps.

Coordinates 4.5 : World Magnetic Model Calculator


It’s been a week with a lot of updates

Coordinates 4.5 adds three more features! (I would call this version 5.0 if I could polish its design a bit more).

  1. World Magnetic Model Calculator!


It’s now possible to calculate these information related to geomagnetic fields

D = Declination (Degree)

I = Inclination (Degree)

X = North Intensity (nT)

Y = East Intensity (nT)

H = Horizontal Intensity (nT)

Z = Vertical Intensity (nT)

F = Total Intensity (nT)

GV = Magnetic Grid Variation (Degree)

Press Magnet icon on the main page to view these information

Press on Altitude or Date to make changes to these value

Select WMM model to use in setting menu (WMM2015 or WMM2015v2)

2. View more coordinates at once


Press Number 2 icon on the main view to turn on secondary coordinates banner.

Select coordinates type as you wish.

3. View transformed coordinates on map


In transform coordinates menu, all coordinates type will be available to view on map.

However, it’s not possible to save pin as this time.

4. Performance Boost

We removed redundancy calculations from the app. It should works faster on slower devices.

Instruction will be updated soon.

Introducing Elevation 3.0


I’m delighted to introduce you latest update to Elevation app.

Elevation 3.0

iPhone Xs Max-03Elevation - Lines_framed.png

There are changes in all three modes

  • Get Elevation

    • We switched to new server which is hosted by us. Improved performance expected

  • Get Elevation Range

    • Now it’s possible to measure elevation range in two or more sections

    • Lines color will reflect to height of that particular spot

    • Also switched to new server

  • Get Elevation from GPS

    • Now plot circles on the map and change color depends on elevation differences between points

    • Tap on a point to recall previous elevation value

Subscribe to remove ads will come soon.

More update: 14 Jun 2019 - More discontinues


I’m delighted to announce so many new updates happening this week.

SunMap version 3.9 is now available with option to remove ads. At $0.99 per month, which is half the price of all other map apps.

Coordinates version 4.4 is also available with save/load/renaming features.

We finally completed writing instruction for Coordinates app. You can check it here

Beginning next week, we will migrate Elevation app data source to our own server to reduce latency and cost. We ordered new dedicated server to provide data just for this purpose.

We also decided to discontinue more older apps so we can only focus on the most important one.

As a toast of farewell here are the list of app which already or soon to be removed from the App Store.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 23.43.47.png

ThaiElevation - Elevation app Thai edition. We made this app for Thai flood 2011. We discussed with Apple on the existence of this App. We have to let this app go for good since Elevation app now have Thai localization.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 23.43.42.png


We wrote this app along side with Distance app. DrawArea app provide area calculation just be drawing shape on the map.

However, Distance 5.0 now has area calculation as well as using higher precision algorithm. We decided to discontinue this DrawArea app and suggest everyone to migrate to Distance app instead.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 23.43.27.png


We made this app to catch-up with Google’s April fool days joke on April, 2012. Which they provide Morse code keyboard for all devices.

We managed to get this app feature on Appadvice as well!


Screenshot 2019-06-14 23.43.22.png


We made a mistake using unicode character as the app name. People can’t find this app! We made this app before custom keyboard is available on the iOS. Just for fun!

Screenshot 2019-06-14 23.43.18.png


Just a map tunneling tool. Nothing else

Screenshot 2019-06-14 23.43.12.png


Calculate population within circle. We use this app as an engine for BlastSim app.

That’s all for this week. See you again next time!

Introducing Distance 5.0


It has been raining all week here in Bangkok. Since we can’t really go out, we had more time to work on more App updates.

Today, we’re proud to present you a new version of my very first app ever.

Welcome to a completely new Distance app.

Version 5.0

Here are list of new features:

  1. Redesigned User Interface


We replace toggle button (Measure/Draw) to a switch. Which hopefully will be much more easy to understand. You may notice that the app has two switch instead of one, that’s because………

2. Area measurement

iPhone 8 Plus-02Distance - Area.png

Distance app now includes area measurement feature just like DrawArea. We use new algorithm which is far more accurate than what we provided in DrawArea app.

Coefficient feature works with area unit as well as distance unit.

Note: Since we provided area measurement within Distance app, DrawArea app will soon be discontinued and remove from the App Store. Please migrate to Distance app as soon as possible. We will also push a new update which will remind every user to migrate to Distance app instead.

Instruction has been updated to reflect this update.

We hope you will enjoy this new update!

If you don’t own this app already. Please get the app here.