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Map utility

Simple and easy to use map app. To do various task ranging from determining coordinates, elevations, distance, and much more.


Ranging from barcode reader to random word generator

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View commodities price and much more

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Geographic data analysis tools on your mobile device. For free

Empower your map data analysis



Simple and easy to use app for determining geolocation coordinates of various formats. 

Just find your location in the center of the screen (where the grey-line intersects), and result will appear instantly. Search location by name of place, city, state, or country.

It also supports several coordinate formats and systems, such as the Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system (UTM), Military grid reference system (MGRS), and World Geographic Reference System (Georef) and many more.

Full list of currently supported formats

(WGS84) Latitude and Longitude in Decimal Degrees

(WGS84) Latitude and Longitude in Degrees and Decimal Minutes

(WGS84) Latitude and Longitude in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds

Standard UTM


Military grid reference system (MGRS)

World Geographic Reference System (Georef)

QTH Locator (Grid Square) / Maidenhead Grid Square

(WGS84) World Mercator

(WGS84) Pseudo-World Mercator / Web Mercator



Global Area Reference System (GARS)

Ordnance Survey National Grid [BNG]


ISO 6709

Natural Area Code

Irish Grid Reference

Irish Grid Coordinates

Plus Code (Open Location Code)


Dutch Grid


Indian Kalianpur 1975

Open Postcode


Guatemala GTM





Know your current elevation, altitude, height above sea level easy with this app.

This elevation tool allows you to see elevation all locations on the surface of the earth. You can simply move maps around to get the data, or type in address and location you want. You can also zoom into the map and touch to find the elevation of a point.

Get elevation data from cloud, build-in GPS, or build-in barometer in your device. Use the app as standalone barometer, and much more!



Draw to measure distance along the map, made easy with this app. Now with area measurement and custom coefficients.

By simply dragging on the screen. Draw a route on the map to find its distance. Magnifier will help you make precise drawing and measurement.



Help you plan outdoor photography with this free app.

Want to know Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset times? This app can helps you. It can show visualized Sun/Moon-Rise/Set time. Exact location of Sun/Moon and upcoming twilight of anytime anywhere. All displayed in a beautiful time-chart style and on an interactive map that contains riches of information. Pick any time and date to see how different Sunrise/Sunset times change during different season.



GeoLogger is GPS multi-tool for your devices.

Speedometer / Location data viewer:
GeoLogger allows you to see your phone / tablet's GPS information such as speed, elevation, direction (bearing), coordinates (latitude/longitude) in head on display format. You can use this app to confirm true speed / elevation while riding, flying, sailing, cycling, running, etc. 

GeoLogger also allows recording of your trip information including speed, elevation. Record your progress of your activities such as riding, flying, sailing, cycling, running, etc. See your speed, elevation, and elevation in line graph. You could manually edit trip information via in-app text editor. or export trip information to .gpx file.


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Easy to use app for determining coordinates of various formats. 


Know your current elevation, altitude, height above sea level easy with this app. 


Draw to measure area and/or distance along the map, made easy with this app.



See an outcome if nuclear weapon ever goes off in your city


Quick Address lookup on a map. Find full addresses, Zip code/Post code number


Find the distance between points on the map. Useful for route planning, finding shortest distance, traveling, and more.


Area & Distance

Measuring area and distance on the map, made easy with this app.


Show visualized Sun/Moon-Rise/Set time. Exact location of Sun/Moon and upcoming twilight.


Read, Record, and Track your trip. See GPS data such as, elevation, speed, direction of your current location.


Free and easy to use application

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Simple barcode reader/generator that supported most format available. Localised to over 20 languages.


Tweet your favorite music. Share your favorite tunes to Twitter, Facebook and many more.


Random word generator that could spark your idea. Useful tools for brainstorming. Support multiple languages.


Designed to serve locals information need

Commodities price always available



One of the most popular gold price app in Thailand.


The first Thai petrol price app with unique design