Measure distance on the map by drawing line on the screen.

Note: For users who wish to have more accurate measurement in straight line. Please get Area or DistancePinner App.


1. Switch mode

"Move" mode allow you to move the map around before you start. Press "Move" button to switch to "Measure" mode to lock the map and begin drawing.


2. draw

Draw path on the map to start measuring distance.

In "Setting" menu (Wrench button on the bottom right), you could disable Auto-Reset to make it possible to keep switching between "Move" and "Measure" mode without losing progress.


3. Share

Press "Share" button to share your result.



Screenshot 2017-06-30 20.09.40.png
Screenshot 2017-06-30 20.09.48.png
Screenshot 2017-06-30 20.11.09.png

EX1. Change Unit

Press "Unit" button to switch between desired unit

EX2. Search

Press "Search" button (Magnifier button) to move the map to desired location

EX3. Undo/Delete

You can revert progress by pressing either of these buttons.