1. The map contain False information. Cloud all over the place. satellite image out of date? Help!

Unfortunately we do not own these map data since they are provided by Apple Map. Please contact them directly if you have issue


2. Is the app free to use?

All apps are free to use forever with ads enabled.

Paid option is available if you wish to remove all ads from the app. (Read more at Question 6)

3. Distance / DistancePinner? What’s the difference?

Distance - Draw on the screen to measure area and distance (best for complex shape)

Area / Distance - Drop pins on the screen to measure are and distance (Best for shape with straight lines).

DistancePinner - Drop pins on the screen to measure distance (Best for shape with straight lines) but with GPS distance counter.

4. There are so many map apps. Which app should I download?

Please check feature comparison table below (Updated 2019/08/21)

Screenshot 2019-08-21 15.00.39.png

5. Why Elevation data is not accurate?

For cloud data, our elevation data is Digital Surface Models (DSMs) at 30m resolution. It the height of the surface including objects (buildings, vegetation, etc). See below for clarification:


Please measure elevation on the empty area without large objects, or make adjustment when possible.

You may use GPS/Baro option (if available) to verify elevation of current location.

6. Why the app is not in English nor my language!

Some apps support multiple languages. However in some cases it may display wrong languages if your secondary language isn’t set properly. Please do the following to fix this issue:

Go to Settings / General / International / Language

  1. Select English or any other language you understand with as a secondary one.

  2. Tap Done

  3. Once the device's language has been changed, change it back to your main language.

7. ADS-Free Upgrade?

Go to setting menu by pressing “Wrench” button on the bottom right of the main page. Then “Purchase / Manage Subscription”

These apps are now available for ads-free subscription:

  • InspireMe

  • #Nowplaying

  • Distance

  • Coordinates

  • Area

  • BarcodeEasy

  • AddressFinder

  • DistancePinner

  • SunMap

  • Elevation

Apps which we might release ads-free upgrade if we have enough user-base.

  • GeoLogger

Regarding In-app pricing, we may increase price of subscriptions as we implement more features into the app. All users who subscribed to old price will subject to same subscription price forever (price won’t increase for you), as long as they don’t cancel.

8. Translation is so bad. Can you fix this?

We’d love to. However, translation service cost a lot of money and we only picked few languages for certain apps only.

If you would like to help and it’s not too much burden. Please Contact Us.

9. Another way to support?

Please check our Patreon!

10. Making change to subscription. (View, change, or cancel)

Please follow this instruction