To activate “Active Tracking” mode. Please press current location twice or more.

Instruction will be updated soon

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Simple and easy to use app for determining geolocation coordinates of various formats. 

It also supports several coordinate formats and systems, such as the Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system (UTM), Military grid reference system (MGRS), and World Geographic Reference System (Georef) and many more.






1. Navigate

Just find your location in the center of the screen (where the grey-line intersects), and result will appear instantly. 

Press "+" button to save coordinates in database


2. Change Format

Press "Format" button to switch format

or Press "List" button (dotted button with three lines) to see visualized results.

3. View saved value

You can view saved coordinates after pressing "Load" button. (Button next to "+" button)

You could rearrange these values or export all of them in plain text format


4. ADjust Format ACCUracy LEVEL

Press (+) or (-) button on the black bar near bottom of the screen to adjust format accuracy.

Map will also show red grid rectangle for any supported format.

Applicable to MGRS/UTM/QTH/Geohash/NAC/etc.


5. Search / Coordinates input

Press "Magnifier" button (Right-bottom of the map) enter search menu.

Please type in coordinates on desired box

Here are some example you may want to try on ‘Auto’ section


10.0, 10.0


NAC: H5Q2 R48Q



22°30'0", 121°0'0"


5. Search by location name

Press map button next to "Search by location name " button from previous page to enter this menu.

Please type in location name on the search bar

Select location appeared on the table

Then press Blue arrow button to continue


6. Transform coordinates

Convert coordinates datum/systems in this menu.

Search for Code from online database

Select from predefined code

Note: View on Map will only works under WGS84


7. Setting

Press "Wrench" button (Bottom-right most button on the menu bar)

You could purchase / manage optional subscription to remove ads from this application by pressing “Purchase / Manage Subscription” button.

You could also make adjustments of the app to suit your need in the setting menu

Or you could open our related app and lookup for more information such as

  • (Elevation) Altitude / Elevation Profile

  • (SunMap) Sunrise / Sunset time / Twilight / Equinox / etc.

  • (AddressFinder) Address / Postcode lookup

  • or open Google Map.

Select the app you want to launch. That destination app will launch in an exact coordinates you picked in this Coordinates app. (Center of the map, before you open this setting menu)



1. How to type degree "°" symbol?

Hold '0' on iOS keyboard then the symbol will appear


2.My gps accuracy is bad, how can i improve it?


Improving GPS accuracy

GPS accuracy varies depending on the number of visible GPS satellites. Locating all visible satellites can take several minutes, with accuracy gradually increasing over time. Use these tips to improve GPS accuracy:

  • Ensure the date, time, and time zone are correctly set on the device in Settings > General > Date & Time. If possible, use Set Automatically.

    • Important: Incorrect settings on your computer can sync to your device. Verify the date, time, and time zone on any computer that syncs with your device.

  • Restart your device.

  • Verify that you have a cellular or Wi-Fi network connection. This allows the Assisted GPS (A-GPS) on the device to locate visible GPS satellites faster, in addition to providing initial location information using the Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

    • Note: Microcells (sometimes called Femtocells) are not supported with Location Services.

  • Maintain a clear view of the horizon in several directions. Keep in mind that walls, vehicle roofs, tall buildings, mountains, and other obstructions can block line of sight to GPS satellites. When this occurs, your device will automatically use Wi-Fi or cellular networks to determine your position, until the GPS satellites are visible again.


Current Location Button not working? (Android Version)

1. Open Google Map app

Screenshot 2017-10-05 16.04.44.png

2. Press current location button

Screenshot 2017-10-05 16.06.04.png

3. Wait until Blue dot appear

Screenshot 2017-10-05 16.06.54.png

4. Switch back to 'Coordinates' app

Screenshot 2017-10-05 16.07.12.png

5. Try pressing Current Location button again.

Screenshot 2017-10-05 16.09.29.png


If you have any question or suggestion.

Please feel free to drop me an email via in-app email page or Contact Us page in this website.