Introducing Distance 5.0


It has been raining all week here in Bangkok. Since we can’t really go out, we had more time to work on more App updates.

Today, we’re proud to present you a new version of my very first app ever.

Welcome to a completely new Distance app.

Version 5.0

Here are list of new features:

  1. Redesigned User Interface


We replace toggle button (Measure/Draw) to a switch. Which hopefully will be much more easy to understand. You may notice that the app has two switch instead of one, that’s because………

2. Area measurement

iPhone 8 Plus-02Distance - Area.png

Distance app now includes area measurement feature just like DrawArea. We use new algorithm which is far more accurate than what we provided in DrawArea app.

Coefficient feature works with area unit as well as distance unit.

Note: Since we provided area measurement within Distance app, DrawArea app will soon be discontinued and remove from the App Store. Please migrate to Distance app as soon as possible. We will also push a new update which will remind every user to migrate to Distance app instead.

Instruction has been updated to reflect this update.

We hope you will enjoy this new update!

If you don’t own this app already. Please get the app here.