Introducing Coordinates 6.0

Good evening,

We’re so delighted to announce you the latest update to Coordinates App

Coordinates 6.0

iPhone Xs Max-01Coordinates - Display_framed.png

Let’s go through all big new features

Export / Import feature with Airdrop support (Including GPX format)

iPhone Xs Max-07Coordinates - ImExport_framed.png

Access this menu by going to “Coordinates list” menu first. We moved the button to the top to make it a lot easier to see.

Screenshot 2019-08-21 02.18.26.png

You may import/export current coordinates list between iOS devices. by attaching exported txt/gpx file, copy paste raw text file, transfer via Airdrop, and more.

Yes! .gpx file support is here!

Export .gpx file to other apps, Garmin GPS, and more. And you may import the coordinates back into the app too!

import data tutorial

By the way, let’s go through how the app can import .gpx file

Here is how the app see .gpx file or supported .txt file in email app


Once you tap on the file, you may need to tap on the “Open in” button again


and then select Coordinates app.


You may need to swipe to the right if you can’t find coordinates app


After that, press “Import data” to begin importing data.

You will have option to choose between replacing all existing coordinates or append to existing list.

Quick pin navigation

Main focus here is the new grey “Pin Navigation Bar”.

Screenshot 2019-08-21 01.57.39.png

Press arrow buttons to browse between selected pin. Pin name is shown on the middle, and you may edit pin informations by pressing on it.

Screenshot 2019-08-21 01.57.44.png

You no longer have to go to the list menu to edit pin name.

If you wish to change pin format. you may do that by selecting new format first then press overwrite result.

Screenshot 2019-08-21 01.57.54.png

Just like that, no need to drop pin again to make change!

Distance measurement

Screenshot 2019-08-21 02.03.37.png

Press ruler button to begin distance measurement.

Then you may measure distance between pin or just draw your own line

Screenshot 2019-08-21 02.03.55.png

It just works. Just like Area app!

*Version 6.0 doesn’t yet support saving of distance data.

And there are a lot more features Please check change logs down below.

We will keep the same subscribe pricing probably until we finish implementing distance measurement feature.

As usual, if you subscribe now, you get the same price forever!

Closing note:

It’s been a busy August for us. Many weeks of lacking sleep, but we’re very happy with the result. We’ve done coding Elevation 4.0 and Coordinates 6.0. And we believe both update are really awesome.

Most importantly, we hope you will enjoy using the app as well!

Have a great day,


Version 6.0 Full Change log

[New features]

Export / Import feature with Airdrop support (Including GPX format)

- Export current coordinates list to e-mail attachment and many more.

- Custom made XML format with all information and standard GPX format.

- Import .txt created previously to migrate or backup coordinates data between device.

- Open gpx file and .txt (made by this app) from e-mail, Files app, and many more.

- Share current coordinates list via Airdrop

- Append to existing coordinates list (also check for duplication) or start over.

Quick pin navigation

- Go to previous/next pin

- Rename pin directly on the map screen

- Overwrite pin result (Change format)

Distance measurement

- Measure distance between pin points

- Add your own line

- Share result of current measurement

*For current version. Distance measurement is temporary. It will not be saved.

Additional optimisation

- Double warning for map screen Delete All button. To precent accident deletion.

- Updated UI for above feature sets

- More stand-out Save/Load and Import/Export button in list menu

- Share secondary coordinates

- Tweeked list menu

[Bug fix]

Fixed layout issue which caused crash when rotating the device

Fixed bad translation on few texts

Fixed bad button positioning

Fixed overlapping label on big view.

Coordinates 4.5 : World Magnetic Model Calculator


It’s been a week with a lot of updates

Coordinates 4.5 adds three more features! (I would call this version 5.0 if I could polish its design a bit more).

  1. World Magnetic Model Calculator!


It’s now possible to calculate these information related to geomagnetic fields

D = Declination (Degree)

I = Inclination (Degree)

X = North Intensity (nT)

Y = East Intensity (nT)

H = Horizontal Intensity (nT)

Z = Vertical Intensity (nT)

F = Total Intensity (nT)

GV = Magnetic Grid Variation (Degree)

Press Magnet icon on the main page to view these information

Press on Altitude or Date to make changes to these value

Select WMM model to use in setting menu (WMM2015 or WMM2015v2)

2. View more coordinates at once


Press Number 2 icon on the main view to turn on secondary coordinates banner.

Select coordinates type as you wish.

3. View transformed coordinates on map


In transform coordinates menu, all coordinates type will be available to view on map.

However, it’s not possible to save pin as this time.

4. Performance Boost

We removed redundancy calculations from the app. It should works faster on slower devices.

Instruction will be updated soon.

Some good news

Hello everyone, I’m delighted to talk about new updates to our apps today.



We added whole new section to this app: Coordinates convertor.

Now you can convert lat & long coordinates, geodetic datums and projected systems. Search online database for any system / datum.

Press EPSG button to access this page

Sorry for bad UI. We will update this soon once we received more feedback

Sorry for bad UI. We will update this soon once we received more feedback

Search spartal reference list online

Search spartal reference list online


If search result is not available. Note that you can put your own custom system. Make sure it’s in proj4 format. for example:

+proj=lcc +lat_1=42.6833319 +lat_2=41.71666666666667 +lat_0=41 +lon_0=-71.5 +x_0=200000 +y_0=750000 +ellps=GRS80 +units=m +no_defs

put this line in code textbox and it will works just fine.


now we have new name for this app

Area & Distance - Map Measure

Yes. It’s now possible to measure distance within this app. We decided to merge DistancePinner into this one app.

Area and Distance in one app

Area and Distance in one app


The best thing with this update is that you no longer need to place center pin before start measuring! Any complex shape will works now as long as there’s no overlapping line!



The app is back up and running as normal. However, we need to add timer between each data access or we can’t provide the best app experience to everyone.



We added bunch of new localization. We still need more downloads to match our past BlastSim app.

We admit we releases new version very often during the past week. Sorry for inconvenience . In the meantime we will update documentation on this website to reflect new feature of our apps.

Again, feel free to contact us for any suggestion, or just talk to us! and we are sorry that we are unable to answer them all during last year.

That’s all about it. See you again next time!

Ps. Anyway, I’m still curious that is anyone is reading this blog. If you want to show that you came pass this, please write “ Katamari “ on the subject section and send me a message lol.
Not required. Just for fun :)