Decided to kill most of older apps


Here is some update regarding my apps collection.

Today, I remove 15 apps from my developer account. I stopped release new updates to most of these app since 2016. Removing these app would make my account a lot less cluttered.

Since I already left this app go for good :( I would like to share some stories behind these apps. :)

340x340bb-80 (15).png

Missing Melody!

Jump the music

This was my group project for Game Development during my 3rd year undergrad in 2011?. I got an A. So it was worth it. Originally released as a paid app.

It was featured at Raywenderlich back in 2012:

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Another Doodle jump clone

I made this app using the same engine as MissingMelody. It is another doodle jump clone with character drawn by my University friend who is also an artist for Missing Melody! This game however was simply my personal project.



Number Tapping Game

Using engine from Digitap. My first ever iOS App. Tap sum of numbers which float on the screen.

Featured at AppAdvice:

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I have no idea why I wrote this app back then

340x340bb-80 (2).png


Number Guessing Game. Simple game to unlock 3 digits padlock

This game was breaking some of design rules. I’m very surprised it survive until today

340x340bb-80 (11).png


RGB Hex Clock

Just a slowly transitioning background clock.

340x340bb-80 (4).png


Password Generator

Simple password randomiser tool. Way before Lastpass or dashlane even exist.

340x340bb-80 (1).png


Rub device’s screen to reveal hidden number. English version of joke Thai lotto app.

340x340bb-80 (9).png


Tapping color game

This app was fairly new comparing to others app here. I decided to kill it as well because I wasn’t able to attract enough install base. It seems like there are many web version of the game everywhere.

340x340bb-80 (13).png

Simple Protractor

Protractor with a quirk

It was one of my first first apps (No 7th to be exact). Put a thin sheet of paper to let light shine through paper as use it as protractor.

340x340bb-80 (12).png


Draw to measure

It was a funny app. This app was nothing but a grid on the screen. Then user draw a line with finger to measure length of the line.

This app is a reason why Distance app exists today.

340x340bb-80 (7).png


Random Pattern generator

This app is a successor of CircleMaker. $1 app which has similar feature.

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Simple doodle app


RandomCanvas HD

These two apps are plain similar. Drawing app with nothing but one type of brush.

340x340bb-80 (10).png


As the title said

I wrote so many map apps. However, I’m not really proud of this app because it can’t really do anything much apart from drawing simple line on the map. So I decided to remove it from my account as well.

That was a long list in my opinion, but I need to move on to make my main apps even better. Although many of these apps I remove today aren’t great enough to be left available for download. But it was quite a great journey and I did learnt a lot along the way. That’s why I’m still here today as an app developer.

Have a good day