Introducing Coordinates 3.8

Hello, I’m delighted to introduce you to new version of Coordinates App.

Version 3.8 came with new location monitoring feature by using in-device GPS.

iPhone Xs Max-03Coordinates - Navigate.png

Enter this menu by pressing “Arrow Zoom” button near bottom right of the screen. You can activate tracking mode by pressing “Current Location” Twice.

You could set coordinates type to any type. Not limited to just MGRS or UTM. Measured distance between current location and last selected pin is also provided.

Now I’m waiting App Store team to approves this version. So everyone can try it once it is ready for sale.

That’s all for Coordinates App. Thank you again for using my app.

PS. If you want more sophisticated GPS tracker. Please download GEOLOGGER

It’s been a week since I announced app development roadmap for Q2 2019.

Here is some progress.


  • I plan to reform this website into something less casual than what currently is. I will properly register a company within early of next year. So, I need a new name that isn’t myice92.

We got a name for our future company. We will announce it after we finish with paperworks!


  • Generate barcode and export to other apps (Within June)

Already started the project. semi-working prototype is almost ready


  • Large readout of all coordinates formats, I think it will be great for anyone who use the app on the field. (within May)

Completed! As shown above. I will polish UI afterward


  • Merging ThaiElev app with Elevation app. Beginning May, ThaiElev will be permanently removed.

Discontinuation update for ThaiElev apps has been released.

All Apps

  • Make sure that all app will backward compatible with iOS 9 (from next version onward)

These app confirmed to work with iOS 9

  • Area

  • Elevation

  • Nowplaying

  • Coordinates

  • ThaiLaos

  • InspireMe

  • NowPlaying

  • Proper Documentation will be clearly written for all apps. Including Barcode app. I will purchase upgrade to hosting plan on this website to cover more contents

Not yet. Probably within this week

  • Link to Instruction / Privacy Policy / Blog

By next version

Selected apps

  • Subscribe to remove Ads. I plan to implement this feature once I should make sure these apps would be able to work almost flawlessly on iOS 9 - 12+ Onward. Pricing will be different between apps. I expect first app will be live within April

InspireMe and Nowplaying with option to remove ads now waiting for review. Once these two apps live on the App Store. I will keep working on the rest.

That’s all for now

Have a good day!

PS. Just to get everyone know that I don’t receive any new mail for quite sometimes now. As a reminder. Please feel free to drop me suggestion.