App Development Roadmap - August 2019 update

It’s been a full week since we start revamping Coordinates for Android.

Today, we believe the app is in somewhat usable state. Although it should work fine but we don’t recommended it for production work just yet. Starting today, we will temporary stop adding new features or format until we could fix most crash bugs.

Please try the app and help us rate 5 star on the Play Store. It will help us a lot.

Link to Play Store

Here is some updates so far

  1. We spent one month working on Coordinates for Android and we think the app is much better than what it was. Although number of users is still low, but after seeing the app getting better and better. We have high hope that the app will be popular on Android version as well.

  2. We released stability updates for all app. It will help us prevent future crash bug and make it easier for us to analyse them.

  3. After we started migrating code to Coordinates for Android. We found various old bug in Coordinates for iOS (Some of them dated back to 2013) So we fixed them on iOS version too.

Here is a plan for this month-September, Not in chronological order.

  1. Release bug fixes for Coordinates/Distance/Elevation for Android until most of them are solved. We will wait for one week until everything is settled.

  2. Release option to remove ads: Coordinates for Android.

  3. Add missing format/features to Coordinates for Android. Maybe not all of them within this month. But we will at least bring Indian Kalianpur to Android version as soon as possible

  4. We will start working on new features for Elevation for iOS, then Distance for iOS and maybe Area for iOS

  5. (Optional) Release BarcodeEasy for Android

That’s the plan.

Have a great day!