Introducing: Elevation 4.0


It’s finally halfway through August. Quite a rainy season here in Thailand.

Today, I’m delight to tell you about major update to Elevation app.

Elevation 4.0

iPhone Xs Max-01Elevation - Line2_framed.png

You may notice some changes in the interface. This is to make browsing the app much more intuitive. Select Mode -> Then start measurement.

Another big update to this app is that we feature more elevation data source. Starting from cloud mode, GPS mode, and a new mode……..

Barometer Mode

iPhone Xs Max-02Elevation - Track_framed.png

We didn’t make screenshot for Barometer mode, but it look quite the same as GPS mode.

Air pressure toolbar is included in every mode. In barometer mode, it will use current pressure to calculate for elevation. While other mode will use elevation data to calculate air-pressure at that exact elevation.

You may calibrate or add extra offset within the toolbar.

And not only that, we included dedicated barometer and air-pressure calculator to use within the app too!

iPhone Xs Max-03Elevation - Barometer_framed.png
iPhone Xs Max-04Elevation - Calc_framed.png

Not only that we also offer export function for GPS and Barometer mode, so you could use collected data for other purpose as well.

Version 4.0 Change logs
- New UI
- Switch coordinates bar on/off on the main page
- New data source: Barometer
- Barometer toolbar
- Dedicated Barometer page
- Air Pressure <> Altitude calculator
- GPS signal indicator
- Export mode for GPS and Barometer mode

Instruction will be updated later this week.

We hope you will enjoy this update.