Android version for Coordinates/Elevation/Distance are now live!


We’re delighted to inform you that our top three apps are now available for Android devices!



We did some internal bug fixes so that it works on newer Android devices again.

Current Limitation: Pretty much one way conversion at the moment. Advance search feature still unavailable. Many other features still missing. We will keep implement features from iOS version while we wait for more feedback from you!



Current Limitation: Same as iOS app, but without coloured line and multi-section profiles.



Current Limitation: Still lack coefficient features. Still need to tweak design and how app display lines / shape on the map.

As always all apps are free to download, please try them! And let us know if you like them or not. And please send mail to us for suggestions and bug reports. (Well, we expected a lot of bugs at current state!)

More importantly, we will post new app instructions soon As for now, please read iOS version. Button locations maybe different but the app still have same basic features. Sorry for inconvenience.

Note: We will not add In-App subscription until we could provide you similar level experience to iOS app counterparts.

By the way, Distance app for Android will be different from iOS version. We will combine features from Area and Distance app together into one app. It will allow both straight line pinning as well as drag to measure distance/area.

For iOS version, we might also add pin measurement to Distance app in the future as well!