Another updates 26/04/19

Sorry for frequent update, but here are some updates

What we’ve done so far

  • New Site name. We are now “Mapnitude”

  • Ads free option for several apps

What we are going to do starting May

  • Better Map search for these apps

    • Area

    • DistancePinner

    • SunMap

    • AddressFinder

    • Elevation

  • Ads free option for these apps

    • DistancePinner

    • SunMap

    • AddressFinder

    • Elevation (API is very pricey and unfortunately we might implement Fair usage policy if we ever charge for Ads free)

  • New appstore screenshots

    • AddressFinder

  • New features

    • Coordinates point naming

    • Some big updates for AddressFinder

    • Cross Promo

  • Fixes for these apps

    • Nowplaying Localization ads