Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s been more than a year since my last post. Here’s some update

BlastMap is back under new App. BlastSim. Same feature, new name. You can check it out here:


See an outcome if nuclear weapon ever goes off in your city

Regarding Elevation App.

We are very sorry for the app downtime during Oct-Nov 2018. Our app user’s base grown by quite a margin so that our previous system can not support all user’s requests all at once. It took me very long while until I figured out what happen because I was away from my country for over a week without my working MacBook.

Now the situation has been solved, but cost of running this app is too high for the past two months. There will be some changes in the app coming soon to make sure every user will get best experience possible. We are sorry for inconvenience.

Hello July!

I have a lot to share with you today. Let's start with bad news first.

BlastMap has been removed from the AppStore because the app was under going re-evaluation, and it somehow break their Review Guideline. They need an exact precision on the calculation and do not allow entertainment purpose out of this kind of app. I would need to reintroduce this app into completely new app with a lot more plain explanation about the app usage.

There is no guarantee that the app would be back on the AppStore again. The app will stay on your phone unless you delete it. You may want to sync to itunes to backup the app first before deleting if you ever want to re-install it again.

How about good news?

I just finished with my four new apps after BlastMap was taken away (Although two was new rebranded). Anyway, let's start talking one by one.



Elevation App with Google Map. Try the app again on the most popular map on the market.

Developer Comment

Somehow it's not easy to implement both Apple Map and Google Map in the same app. So, I first tried porting Coordinates App to Google Map and it works just fine. However I didn't release that app yet because I did want to introduce version 3 first. Elevation app was much simpler so I decided to begin with this one.




DistancePinner App with Google Map. Try the app again on the most popular map on the market.

Developer Comment

This app help me see flaw of every map app that has save/load feature. So I could updated all current app with new things I learnt while porting DistancePinner into this app




Read, Record, and Track your trip. See GPS data such as, elevation, speed, direction of your current location.

Developer Comment

Just reintroducing same old app into Google Map sounds unimaginative. So I decided to work on this app that could read raw GPS data into more human-readable format.  This app core was based on DistanceCalculator and Coordinates. So it was some kind of hybrid. I decided to make this app help me learning how to do a better UI. 




Test your color vision with the same game that went viral on social network. The game put your color / eye vision to the test by pressing the odd color square in the board.

ColorDiffer is not just a clone, but this game has more to offer with extra game modes!

Developer Comment

It's been a while since my last game on the AppStore. Let's write one while taking a break from map apps.

I played this color test game two years ago on some facebook quiz? So I decided to make one of my own with unique game mode. I hope you will enjoy this game.


I'm going to take a short break before I will work on heavy task again. But I will fix any reported bug within a few days after I got an email from you.

I wish I could start introducing Android Version of my app within this month. I'll keep you updated.

Lastly, if you have any question or suggestion. Please feel free to drop me an email via Contact Us form.

Thank you and talk to you again soon.

Back to work~

Hello again after 3 months

Thanks to Apple Keynote, now I have to get back to work and be prepared for an incoming iOS 11 update.

Let me highlight some of work I had done during the past week.

Now it's possible to edit coordinates directly via in-app text editor. Export to GPX via email

I had some big trouble with SunMap app since the introduction of iOS10 and Xcode 8. The app literally broke so I have to completely reworked with the UI. Luckily I somehow managed to make it run again while introduce few extra updates including localization.

Talk yo you again later~

Hello world

Welcome to my new app website that replaced the old one I use since the first day into app development. Proper About/Contact Us page is now available in this site, so please feel free to contact me if having any question.

Thank you!